Artist, Musician, Poet, Which?Witch! Doctor, 

...user of too much punctuation....

Toilet Fire (noun)

Something with the potential of being very good which turns out to be very disappointing.


"I strive to make visually and conceptually challenging socially conscious art that focuses on truth rather than what is perceived as conventionally beautiful. I cut off it's head, defenestrate it, drag it through the mud and hex it."

In addition to creating visual art, I teach art lessons via my Patreon

"Boring old dried up art classes can feel stifling, or leave one doubting their artistic capabilities. Sick of the regurgitation of cheap wine, soccer mom conversations and copying paintings of dystopian novels you were meant to read in the sixth grade at Paint Nites? Then take art lessons with me!

Each lesson aims to awaken your artistic side. Of course you will be learning valuable skills and techniques along the way but my focus is more on your developing your creative side rather than perfecting technical skill. Be who you are and not what everyone else says you should be. Discover a whole new side to your creativity you would never learn following the "rules."

This will include one longer video art lessons with me per month. In addition to the lessons, I will be giving prompts and challenges to prepare you for lessons."

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A taste of Art with A.R.T -

The Siennas are very important colors to have on your palette for a number of reasons. We briefly explore the history, chemistry, and use of the pigment.

Tricolor Theory (RED WHITE & BLACK)

I explain the three colors that appeal the most to the human psyche. Why these three colors have been predominantly used above all others through the ages, and why we are so drawn to them.

I break down the history of color perception. I touch on areas of linguistics, folklore, anthropology, psychology, biology, evolution etc.

I explain how/why color symbology is somewhat skewed in Western culture (surprise, it has to do with the Church!)

I explain the use of the most popular tricolor motif of all time in popular fairy tales, such as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood.

My approach to explaining this subject is backed by years of focused research and experience. Some of the theories and explanations are my own.



Mistress of noise and Thereminister in the art rock/ bitch pop trio Sapling

"We stay up late and we wake up early. We're a small band and we burn energy like tiny suns."

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I sing the Body Electric

The B side to our Maria Versus Machine Maria 7"

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Everything Was Better

"Everything Was Better" appears on the album No Sequoia: