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Flora & Fuma

A series of floral studies exploring our relationship to the natural world through the use of different materials and concepts. 

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Flora & Fuma

Self-Portrait of an Artist​

A monochromatic watercolor painting portraying the angst of an artist. Inspired by Picasso's blue period and Van Gogh's self-mutilation.

Medium; Watercolor on 300 lb hot press 

Isolated Flamingo Incident

The Isolated Flamimgo Incident

On freehand checkerboard with weird human-claw manicure

Made with culture hustle potion pack and the pinkest pink

Medium : Scented Acrylic 

16X40 Canvas unframed


Giclee prints coming soon!

Mirror Mask 

Fan art! MirrorMask is a 2005 fantasy film designed and directed by Dave McKean and written by Neil Gaiman.The film's story revolves around a young girl Helena who is sick of her family's career as circus performers. Helena's mother is hospitalized after they have an argument, and Helena finds herself trapped in a fantasy world of her own artwork shortly after. 

Medium: Turmeric and tea ink, masking tape, mica powder, mercury, acrylic and oil paint.

24X48 on canvas, unframed


Bodegas and Roses

My continued exploration of female roles in spiritual narrative and mythology comes to life with vivid color in my portrayal of this matriarchal figure. As an artist and storyteller, interplay of adaptation and rebellion, the old and the new, often find a home in my work. The relationship between Christian conquest, The virgin of Guadalupe, the deity Tonantzin, and how this relates to the universal idea of the mother goddess is the central theme for this piece. I made the abstract bodegas in the background using layers of chalk pastels, chalk seeming like an appropriate medium for a city scape. The crude design and materials used is meant to feel very much like what most people would refer to as ‘outsider art,’ or art that exists beyond the realm of the elite. 

Medium : Oil paint and chalk pastel 

30X48 on wood panel

You can watch a video explanation below to learn more :


Giclee prints coming soon!

Bí Mât Bât Mí

Bí Mât Bât Mí

One painting in my series LADIES IN LEAD.

Lead as in leading lady & lead as in the toxic paint used to make these pieces.

In this series I celebrate the cultural diversity of some of the badass women I know. Everyday, remarkable women who inspire passion and compassion. They aren't afraid to rebelliously create or give the finger in a traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai.

Medium : Acrylic, oil, coffee, mulberry, & kale ink 

24X48 on Canvas



It is about the testing of nuclear weapons on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The United States government set off 23 bombs in this tropical paradise. The native inhabitants, who did NOT knowing what they were signing off on were exploited by the US government. Their land and ocean became toxic, they became sick and the side effects of this atrocity are still present generations later. It was an absolutely sickening part of history. Then someone named the swimsuit after it. We are a special kind of fucked up.

Medium: oil and acrylic 

25X40 on canvas


Constantly Risking Absurdity

Constantly Risking Absurdity

Poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Art by Amber Tortorelli

“Constantly risking absurdity

and death

whenever he performs

above the heads

of his audience

the poet like an acrobat

climbs on rime

to a high wire of his own making

and balancing on eyebeams

above a sea of faces

paces his way

to the other side of day

performing entrechats

and sleight-of-foot tricks

and other high theatrics

and all without mistaking

any thing

for what it may not be

For he's the super realist

who must perforce perceive

taut truth

before the taking of each stance or step

in his supposed advance

toward that still higher perch

where Beauty stands and waits

with gravity

to start her death-defying leap

And he

a little charleychaplin man

who may or may not catch

her fair eternal form

spreadeagled in the empty air

of existence”

Medium : Oil And Pastels 

30X48 on canvas



This piece is concerning the loss of cultural identity

For a full video explanation of the piece click here : 

Medium : Oil paint and ink 

24X48 on canvas


Deb's Playthings

A custom shadowbox I made for one of my Patreon supporters. 


Medium : Charcoal, Pastels and Oil paint 

To Harvest Endless Growth

To Harvest Endless Growth

Inspired by the song, To Harvest Endless Growth by Joel Mongeon

Link to Joel's bandcamp:

Medium : Oil, acrylic, and menstrual blood on canvas

Everything Feels Empty

Everything Feels Empty

Medium :Watercolor and ink on 300 lb Hotpress, 

18X22 framed


Chlamydia Fish

 From a series I started, concerning the oceans, water, and our relationships with those things.

Overfishing is destroying the delicate ecosystems in our oceans. Most of our oxygen comes from the ocean. All of the life on this planet is fiercely dependent on our oceans. If our oceans die, we die. Our oceans are dying. Probably at a faster rate than you think.

Most fisheries are cages in the ocean, which are terrible for the ecosystem and the fish you eat. The fish have hosts of diseases, including chlamydia, and are so grotesque you would never consider eating them if you saw the condition they lived in/what they looked like. Their grey and green sick flesh is dyed pink to make you think it looks ‘normal’ and healthy.

More than half of the plastic pollution in the ocean come from the fishing industry. The save-the-ocean-anti-plastic companies focus on how we can, as individuals, contribute less to plastic pollution. None of them talk about the fishing industry because that’s where the bulk of their donations come from. It’s a cover up. They just tell you not to use plastic spoons. It placates the public into thinking we can take control as individuals while they are making dirty back door deals.

There is no such thing as dolphin safe, fair trade or sustainable. Those are labels they pay to put on their products in the hopes that you will blindly consume. There is still by catch. There are still slaves. Ecosystems on our planet are collapsing. They still deal in illegal, non-sustainable exploitative activities. Don’t let those labels fool you.

Native human populations in overfished areas are starving because they can not get food. Their waters are overfished to the point of starvation. Their livelihood has become increasingly dangerous. It is easier to exploit and enslave these people. Some turn to crime and piracy. A lot of the fishing industry exploits labor. Slavery is still a big part of the fishing industry.

No one is regulating this shit. Governments say they are. That’s a lie. Oceans are big. People get bribed. No one checks up. It is very dangerous to speak out against the fishing industry. They don’t want you to know. Now you know.

What can we do? Consume less fish. Be a wiser consumer. Be more self-sustaining. Stop breeding. The world is overpopulated and we are too destructive of a species to keep growing and consuming the way we are. If you do breed, consider the world your children will one day be living in. Raise them to be aware. Raise them to do better.

Medium : Watercolor and mica on paper (You can't see how pretty the mica looks in the photo!)

Will be up for sale as soon as it is framed

Trusty ol' lute legs!

Here’s Lookin' at YOU, Freud - Trusty Ol’ Lute Legs

🥚 🎠

This is the Ego : 

“The ego is like a man on horseback, who has to hold in check the superior strength of the horse.” -Freud


Heres Lookin at YOU Freud is aseries of visual explorations of the three aspects of the human psyche

They all involve eggs….

Each piece was inspired by visual elements of two tarot cards.

Also inspired by happenings in the lives of Nark and Sapling ; After a long day of recording, Sapling ran into Nark at a local bar. They pointed out that the three of us together made really good representations of the individual aspects of the human psyche. Collectively we are a whole personality. Can you guess which personality trait I represent? 


Played Like a Fiddle

Played Like A Fiddle

Case AT Type 410 - The Rape of the Sleeping Beauty in the Briar Rose

Part of my series 

Drunk in a Toy Store and Out of Tampons with Aarne Thompson and Kurt Cobain

Mixed Media shadowbox on bed frame



The Rebirth of Venus

Medium : Acrylic and Oil 

24X48 on canvas


Mirror Mask

This painting is based off a strange and under-appreciated Neil Gaiman coming of age movie - Mirror Mask. The movie is about a young girl who lives and performs in her parents circus. She escapes/gets trapped in the surreal fantasy world she created with her drawings. 

Medium : Acrylic, ink and milk paint on canvas 24X30 on canvas

Columbia In Agony

Columbia in Agony

We Want You

A piece I 'sold' that I NEVER got payment for!

Medium : acrylic paint and Worcester Telegram & Gazette collage from the 1920's

Uncle Sams Queer Grandkid

The High Priestess